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2 Stars - 1 Review
Charged late fees because their payment processor failed
Justin Saldana
May 13, 2020
I am being charged late fees due to the facility's payment processor being down on the day my automatic payment was supposed to come out. I contacted the CS and have informed them that if the late fees are waived I will pay the monthly dues, however, the CS agent initially refused to waive the any late fees (claiming that they did not have the authority to correct their mistake). Now they will only waive some of them. If the situation is corrected then I'll update this review but as of now their facility manager is either unaware of the problem or is intentionally trying to charge unethical late fees when they created the problem.
Reply from Manager on May 13, 2020
Mr. Saldana, I am the manager and I apologize for the difficulty. I have waived the late fees on the account. The autopay should have automatically been processed once the issue with the program was resolved. That is our mistake. We appreciate your business. Hope
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